about BBBhospitality

I’m Bianca Barabas, founder, editor, and traveler behind BBBhospitality. Arrogantly calling myself a hospitality professional.


I never set out to blog, but am thrilled to write about my culinary travels. I love to travel – and I travel to eat. Culinary tourism makes my heart skip a beat, and I gave up almost any indulgence to travel the world. This websites represents the embodiment of my passion for the hospitality industry.

I like to think of myself as a devoted foodie, striving to widen my culinary perspective. BBBhospitality focuses on sharing travel related tips and tricks and recommend restaurants, hotels or touristic attractions tried and loved.

I am not a restaurant critic. My dining experiences are not always lovely. Food does not always look that good. You might see me rearranging burgers or turning the table upside down until I am satisfied with the pictures. I use the “instagramish” word excessively.

After reading this article I realized that I am not yet in the position to judge or defame one’s business. This websites works on a very simple principle: if I loved a restaurant, you’ll know. All the information included in my articles was and will be written in professional and honest, yet friendly manner.

If you see me dining all alone, feel free to join me. Nice to meet you!


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