Hidden gems in Brasov

One of the consequences of having restless feet is that you have troubles in finding a place to call home. Brasov was a lovely temporary residence that felt like a two years holiday (probably because I was living in a hotel). And the best part of this holiday was, of course, the foodie part. My preferences changed a lot during these years, but now, in retrospect, I am happy to write about those restaurants worth paying a visit.

Bistro de l’Arte

Absolutely no doubt that Bistro de l’Arte is the perfect place for brunch, a taste of local ingredients and dishes with a twist! Many happy Sundays were spent here, enjoying their Bistro de l’Arte Champagne Breakfast, an Instagram delight, especially if you plan it ahead and book the little table by the window. Either for breakfast during weekdays or brunch on Sundays, this is the perfect choice for two persons, with coffee or tea, sparkling wine, fresh orange juice, Eggs Benedict, a tasty charcuterie platter and yogurt with fresh fruits glazed with honey. Not to forget their freshly baked croissant with butter and homemade plum confiture. The breakfast suffered minor changes (the honey disappeared, so did the lovely miniature bottle of Cava and the Norwegian Eggs Benedict), yet no hotel Swedish buffet can compare!

And even if it’s not breakfast time, you can start your meal with some juicy, garlic infused Escargots à la Bistro or jump straight to the ultimate star of this restaurant, one of the guiltiest burgers tried so far: the Bistro Burger, tasty beef topped with onion jam, mayo, cheese and a fried egg. Always check the daily menu (good comfort food) and the special offers (I absolutely love their snacks and bruschetta), their desserts, their cocktails. Bon appetit!

BBBhospitality recommends: Bistro de l’Arte Champagne Breakfast for two


Pilvax – it took me almost two years to enter this restaurant and discover their extremely rich in flavour Hungarian dishes. In a world filled with avocado and granola, one of my all-time favourite remains their homemade paste of greaves (probably not very ladylike) served with fresh veggies and crunchy toast. For a cozy lunch, try their traditional slightly spicy goulash soup, or a crispy, juicy pan fried chicken breast with sautéed spinach and mashed potatoes, everything drizzled with a little bit of garlic.

If you want a light dinner, I would suggest you to share their local cheese platter and amazing Steak tartare paired with wine. Quite a good match! Another dinner suggestion would be beef tenderloin with gorgonzola stuffed baked tomato, crispy onion rings and peppercorn sauce. To call it a day, enjoy a genuine experience of espresso with a traditional desert: plum dumplings, floating island, or an interesting combination of a slow-poached pear in wine and rose hip jam, served with gorgonzola ice-cream and caramelized pumpkin seeds. A delight!

BBBhospitality recommends: sharing a local cheese platter and/or a Steak tartare served with herb butter (ask for some fine-chopped pickles for extra freshness), a Floating island and some Frizza for a light, summerish dine out.

Dei Frati

Such a cozy place to be! A small Italian restaurant, with a light blue fresco on the wall, an open kitchen and a sense of home. They offer homemade pasta and starters good to share: shrimps dipped in cocktail sauce, mozzarella or burrata, fritto misto (fried seafood with crunchy zucchini and carrot slices) or Zuppa di cozze al pomodoro.

BBBhospitality recommends: Start by sharing the Italian cheese and charcuterie board, ask for an extra portion of bread so you can enjoy your own version of pane e olio with a glass of wine, followed by a portion of Seafood Linguine. Probably the best pasta ever tried!

Always save some room for desserts, as their offer a lot of goodies to choose from: Panna cotta with strawberry jam, the Italian classic: Tiramisu, or a decadent chocolate cake served with vanilla ice-cream. And since we’ve mentioned ice-cream, Dei Frati is the only place in town that serves Affogato, a scoop of vanilla gelato drowned with a shot of hot espresso. But to be honest, a foodie would choose both a dessert and Affogato as coffee.

Trattorian Artisan Food

Trattorian is the perfect place for casual dinners and comfort food! They might have some healthy dishes (that Dorada has somehow always attracted me, but it must have been too healthy for me to choose it). This is where the guilty pictures start, as Trattorian serves one of the most instagramish pizza in town.

My favourite is the one topped with gorgonzola and grapes – but whatever you’ll choose, rest assured: it’s the super thin and crispy crust that makes this pizza so good. Trattorian is an excellent choice, not only for thin crust brick oven pizza lovers: they offer such a wide variety of bites that almost any friend of mine managed to find something to eat. If you are on a seafood diet try a focaccia with Gamberi Peel Peel (or something like this), a pan filled with shrimps fried in butter, seasoned with lemon juice, garlic and herbs. Or an Octopus in red sauce? Or a salad with gorgonzola, roasted peppers, spicy chicken and jalapeños?

BBBhospitality recommends: Pics or it didn’t happen! Such a classic portrait of a burger: crispy grilled bun, medium beef, cheese, lettuce, pickles, onion flavoured with mayonnaise paired with wedges and Tartar sauce. This portion is quite huge (don’t say I didn’t warn you) but the taste is amazing!

Gratar Urban

Juicy burgers and crispy chips. What else could you ask for? Gratar Urban has an amazing collection of burgers: from the classic Hamburger or Cheeseburger to lovely combinations including goat cheese, gorgonzola, onion, roasted peppers or fig jam. The smoky meat tastes incredibly fresh, and if you want a juicy burger – go for Rare! And they serve a lot more: soups, vegetarian dishes and desserts. Such a great start, that type of great start that makes you go out for burgers every week.


BBBhospitality recommends: Try a juicy rare house burger with some extra mustard sauce for the chips. You won’t be disappointed!

Hof Cafe

Hof Cafe – non conventional “alternative space”, a coffee shop with industrial hall design and welcoming atmosphere, specialty coffee, small bites, and so much more! My favourite remains their delicious hot cocoa, a little bit of childhood nostalgia in a mug. And it’s not only about good coffee – it’s also…

  1. the office of all those people that love to work, to write or to read – but they just can’t do it at home. And why write at home when at Hof you can have endless cups of cinnamon latte, puffy pastry or banana bread, slow cooked pork sandwiches for lunch and hipster refreshments?
  2. fun with cocktails: go for out of the box cocktail, half priced every Tuesday night
  3. Theater, music, wine tastings, and some of the best events happening in Brasov

100% BBBhospitality recommended!

Brasov is a lovely culinary tourism destination, and there are many other restaurants out there that worth a visit (How about a club sandwich at MaCocotte, or some Zucchini Carbonara and a Pavlova for dessert at Simone?). It’s easy to find here your next favourite place for a small bite and a glass of wine!

Stay tuned, more foodie adventures coming soon!


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