Camden Market and some 100 other foodie reasons to visit London

Travelling adventures are usually aimed towards places I’ve never seen before, yet London’s buzzing atmosphere makes me book of a citybreak every once in a while. This title is obviously misleading, but if challenged, I could name 100 reasons why every foodie out there should pay London a visit. Here are some, to begin with:


This restaurant is a very good choice for those of you looking for a light dinner with tapas and wine. Dehesa offers a wide variety of Spanish and Italian cheeses and charcuteries for starters, and interesting combinations for Fish, Meat and Vegetarian dishes (the Courgette flower stuffed with goat’s cheese and drizzled with honey really caught my attention).

We went for a combination of Manchego paired with fig jelly, quail eggs, Italian cuts and some delicious flat bread with olive oil, mussels and clams, wines, and a lot of laughter. Good vibes, good dinner, totally recommended!

Camden Market        

Definitely a must see! Feel like doing some culinary tourism but you don’t have a lot of time? Would like to go back to that amazing Greek food you had last month? Not sure what to do today? Say no more! Camden Market brings together everything that’s great about street food, in an insane variety of dishes and cuisine. Trying everything would have been impossible – but we started with some juicy deep fried Halloumi Cheese topped with mint, za’atar yogurt, pomegranate and herbs, shortly followed by some lemonades with a twist from Square Root, shrimp Pad thai, burgers, lamb kebabs and a decadent salted caramel brownie with vanilla ice-cream from South East Cakery.

Still not there yet?


Rossodisera gave me exactly the same feelings as the restaurants tried in Athens: cured cuts and cheese paired with wine in a small deli shop, this time with a sense of authentic Italian family business: antipasti, more antipasti, pasta, wine and truffles.

This was our first diner in London, a light choice of pane e olio (is this austere “dish” becoming my new personal favourite?), green olives, homemade pickles and the Salumi e Formaggi sharing platter of cured meats and cheeses from Le Marche Region, paired with jam and honey. Quite a nice meal, if you ask me. If you are not going to dine here, it’s worth paying it a visit while doing your grocery shopping next time.

Falla and Mocaer (we just want you to be happy)

Such a cozy place to be! My instinct (to be read as ‘superficiality’) was totally right about this place. A small coffee shop with homemade cakes, friendly staff and an instagramish living room-like design. We had an oh-so-lemonish carrot cake with ice-coffee and cappuccino. Beware, they glaze your cappuccino with cocoa and sugar.

Not far from Camden Market, 100% BBBhospitality recommended!

Borough Market, Selfridges, Harrods or why I would move, yesterday

To be honest, London shelters the greatest variety of food halls, markets and restaurants seen so far. Only the thought that I could be half an hour away from the Vanilla and Honeycomb salted caramel doughnuts from Bread Ahead (@Borough Market) gives me thrills. Selfridges and Harrods food halls and all the deli shops in town offer excellent choices, regardless if you’re looking for a quick bite or for something to cook tonight. And since we mentioned quick bites, keep in mind that EAT, Pret a manger, Wasabi or M&S Simply Food are always a good idea when on the run (whether in the airport, or before actually arriving at Borough market, who knows…)

Tate Modern

Not only a lovely source of abstract art, Tate Modern also hosts Boiler House Espresso Bar on the sixth floor, with a lovely view of the Thames and St. Paul’s Catedral. Quite a nice place to be turned into a digital nomad’s office, isn’t it?

More culinary adventures coming soon!


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