Stockholm, or cash-free culinary adventures

Helsinki has recently installed an airport greeting stating that ‘Nobody in their right mind would come to Helsinki in November. Except you, you badass. Welcome.’ and I think that this perfectly describes any traveler that goes to Northern Europe during winter.


Stockholm in December was a much debated choice, and when I finally felt confident about it and booked the flight and the hotel, the greatest snow in 111 years hit the city. I even received messages on Showaround from locals about to awfulness that blasted the city with 11 inches of heavy snow. What to do?

Luckily, we went and it has been one of the prettiest city seen so far. The truth is, it is cold. And it is not the average type of cold, since the temperature was around 0 degrees Celsius. It was that type of cold that force you to enter into the first gift shop and buy wool hats and gloves. Keep the price tag in your pocket since we used them as ‘souvenirs’ back home.

Was it wort it? It was a blast!

We did nothing more that eating and  wandering around the city (quite a strange feeling to see the sunset at 4 o’clock). Stockholm has a lot of touristic attractions for those passionate of architecture and history, and the old town, Gamla Stan is a vivant collection of old-fashioned buildings, restaurants and cozy shops.

Wherever you will eat in Stockholm, the prices are slightly higher than other parts of Europe, so you should take your time to research the restaurants worth trying and the tourist traps that shall be avoided. We tried 3 restaurants and loved them all, so you can take a look at our choices and take into consideration booking the first two if you want everything to run smoothly (we didn’t so we waited for those tables quite a while)

Osterlanggatan 17, such a cozy place in Gamla Stan. The service was great and so was the food. We had Long baked crispy pork and Beef Tartar paired with wine, and some delicious Chocolate truffles to call it a day.


Teaterbrasseriet, you can either dine in their restaurant or their bar, with a good choice of casual snacks (frog legs, anyone?) or dishes. We chose the Beef Tartar (again!), some non-Ikea Swedeish meatballs and Skagen toast, shrimps garnished with dill and golden whitefish caviar on a sautéed toast.


Vigarda Vasagatan 44, a quick-casual restaurant with delicious burgers and sweet potato fries. Their offer a wide range of burgers (even a hipster-holiday version with a ‘Marie Christmas’ engraved on the bun)


There are a lot of well known hotels in the city center as well as airbnb alternatives: this one and this one also are very close to the old town and the prices are good, if you’re comfortable with sharing the house with its owners.

Flight to and from Stockholm are affordable, particularly if you’re flight from Bucharest to Skavsta. We paid 44 Euros for one return ticket but the prices can go as low as 17 Euros roundtrip with Wizzair. Always book during their 20% percent off deals and directly on their website.

Keep in mind that the low-cost airline companies will land on Stockholm Skavsta Airport, located at 90 minutes by car from Stockholm city center, easily reachable using Flygbussarna shuttle buses (the price of a return ticket is 30 Euros)

We bought a travel card that was valid for 72 hours on Stockholm’s public transport system for the price of 25 Euros. And if your location do not requires you to take any public transport, buy a subway ticket and go sight-seeing since the Stockholm subway is a genuine art exhibition.

No cash has been use during 3 full days. And we loved that.


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  1. Sarah says:

    What a fantastic post. This is just the information that I was looking for in regards to my upcoming trip to Stockholm. Thank you. Can’t wait to see more of your travels!


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